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Transform your life and change your destiny!  Carolyn Rivera, speaker, author, leadership expert/trainer and reality TV star, develops future leaders by teaching individuals to harness their own potential and navigate themselves to achieve their goals.  Join her each weeks as she guides her listeners toward a powerful mindset on her podcast, The Carolyn Rivera Show.  Her mantra, "Believe, Commit, Achieve," breaks down the transformational process into bite-sized chunks that are less intimidating and more attainable, bridging that fearful gap between goal-setting and goal-accomplishing and fostering the opportunity to embrace change.

Carolyn draws from her own unique and diverse experiences to bring passion and purpose to her message.  As a corporate expert in leadership and as a contestant on the CBS hit series Survivor, where she placed second after proving resilient in both mind and body during her 39 days in the Nicaraguan jungle, her ability to endure and thrive through change, no matter how uncomfortable, is a true testament to the power of our own minds, and she brilliantly uses her own journey to exemplify what we are all capable of.

Carolyn grew up in the concrete jungle of New York City, where she began her career in corporate leadership.  Years later, and after unrelenting attempts to become a contestant on Survivor, her dreams came true and she was sent to the real jungle to compete amongst younger and more survivalist-savvy opponents.  Despite the odds, Carolyn had a secret advantage.  Her ability to believe in herself, fight through challenges, form alliances and anticipate danger, catapulted her to her second-place finish.  Carolyn has proven that adversity is inevitable.  How we face it is optional.  And what we create is ours.

As a speaker, trainer, author and innovator, Carolyn connects with others on an intimate level by sharing her own struggles and bringing humor to her own set-backs.  Her message is not only timeless, but essential to anyone interested in personal growth and development.  The Carolyn Rivera Show is sure to ignite a revolution of change-oriented listeners who are motivated by her inspiring message.


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Episode Blogs

CRS 42 | Turning Challenges Into Opportunities
  We’re all faced with challenges throughout our lives. It could be as minor as deciding where you want to go for dinner, but it’s always something that makes you feel uncomfortable. The way we face those challenges will dictate our behavior and our outcomes. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. They’re different for every individual because everyone else is different and everyone has their own level of comfort and discomfort with certain things.
CRS 41 | Health And Fitness
  Surviving and succeeding in a business that is filled with naysayers is hard but challenging. Patty Durell, CEO and founder of Rock Solid Fitness, shares her story about how she was molded to becoming who and what she is today. She talks about how she built a unique health and fitness philosophy and how she broke into the male-dominated health and fitness industry. Patty’s drive for success is not wanting to be her own
CRS 40 | Security Services
  For security expert Christina English, protecting neighborhoods and educating others about how to build security systems is a way to make the world a safer place. Christina talks about how she became a part of the Wounded Airman Project, and how and why she started her own security business. She discusses the kind of security her company provides and advocates, which is roving around the neighborhood to let kids roam freely and unafraid of
CRS 39 | Target Market
  A lot of us have the ability to captivate the world through entrepreneurship. However, prior to conquering a global audience, it is ideal to identify your purpose and target market. Carolyn shares her insights on what a target market is and how to identify your own market, specifically for midsize companies. While it is necessary to know how your customers found you and why they decided to choose your company, understanding your competition and
CRS 38 | Coaching And Mentoring
  People today are interested in personal development. However, some people don’t know how to go about setting up this development process that there is some confusion in distinguishing between coaching and mentoring. Although there are some similarities, there’s a difference between the two. Which is considered short term? How about the long term? Carolyn breaks down the difference between the two as well as how you can find a good mentor. — Listen to the
CRS 37 | Vitality
  Research shows that the average life expectancy is 78 years old. How do people live longer than that? The answer lies in vitality, which is the capacity to live and develop the power of enduring. Vitality keeps us going because it makes us feel alive and strong. Learn the secret sauce to vitality with Carolyn who walks us through them, sharing the significance of why we need to apply them in our own lives.
CRS 36 | Ready To Run
  Ready to Run is a not-for-profit organization focusing mainly on middle school and high school girls to help them find their voice and encourage them to seek leadership positions. Angelina Keeley, third place in Survivor: David and Goliath and the Founder of Ready to Run, speaks on her big leap in leaving the corporate world to follow her calling of empowering girls and young women. Angelina shares how her non-profit was born and highlights
CRS 35 | Successful Entrepreneurs
  What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? There is such a stigma in our society today about being an entrepreneur. When you think of an entrepreneur, people define it as a person who started their own business. It’s somebody who organizes and manages and assumes the risks of a business. People have all these different definitions of what that meant and what they needed to do for themselves. Some people know and
CRS 34 | Live And Love
  There are so many people who find it difficult to find the right person to spend their life with. In today’s day and age, the process has certainly changed. However, it’s not about the process of where you find the perfect person but how you look within yourself to see what other people see. TV personality, speaker, and love and life coach Francesca Hogi joins Carolyn as they talk about being able to open
CRS 33 | Power Of Influence
  Influence is such a powerful word that we can either affect change for someone for the better or for worse. That is why when we think of the power of influence, we should be cautious and use it to improve others and not for self-gain. Carolyn sets out on a task to uncover the extent of the power of influence as she talks about why it is important and the things we do to