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Transform your life and change your destiny!  Carolyn Rivera, speaker, author, leadership expert/trainer and reality TV star, develops future leaders by teaching individuals to harness their own potential and navigate themselves to achieve their goals.  Join her each weeks as she guides her listeners toward a powerful mindset on her podcast, The Carolyn Rivera Show.  Her mantra, "Believe, Commit, Achieve," breaks down the transformational process into bite-sized chunks that are less intimidating and more attainable, bridging that fearful gap between goal-setting and goal-accomplishing and fostering the opportunity to embrace change.

Carolyn draws from her own unique and diverse experiences to bring passion and purpose to her message.  As a corporate expert in leadership and as a contestant on the CBS hit series Survivor, where she placed second after proving resilient in both mind and body during her 39 days in the Nicaraguan jungle, her ability to endure and thrive through change, no matter how uncomfortable, is a true testament to the power of our own minds, and she brilliantly uses her own journey to exemplify what we are all capable of.

Carolyn grew up in the concrete jungle of New York City, where she began her career in corporate leadership.  Years later, and after unrelenting attempts to become a contestant on Survivor, her dreams came true and she was sent to the real jungle to compete amongst younger and more survivalist-savvy opponents.  Despite the odds, Carolyn had a secret advantage.  Her ability to believe in herself, fight through challenges, form alliances and anticipate danger, catapulted her to her second-place finish.  Carolyn has proven that adversity is inevitable.  How we face it is optional.  And what we create is ours.

As a speaker, trainer, author and innovator, Carolyn connects with others on an intimate level by sharing her own struggles and bringing humor to her own set-backs.  Her message is not only timeless, but essential to anyone interested in personal growth and development.  The Carolyn Rivera Show is sure to ignite a revolution of change-oriented listeners who are motivated by her inspiring message.


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Episode Blogs

CRS 52 | Conducting Meetings Right
  Not many people are fans of meetings. However, it is a very necessary part of every business or organization that nobody just can’t seem to avoid. In this episode, Carolyn Rivera takes us out of this frustration by sharing the ways you can make the most out of meetings. Looking at it from both sides, she talks about what it is like for those on the side of the person conducting the meeting and
CRS 51 | Building A Powerful Network
  Building a powerful network takes more than just calling and emailing people. It is more complex than you can ever imagine. Carolyn Rivera walks us through how we can build a powerful network efficiently and why it is important. In this episode, learn how to find and identify the right people who are linked to your goals and objectives, and know the importance of going to meetups or conferences. Discover also the kind of
CRS 50 | Giving And Receiving Feedback
  Giving and accepting feedback is necessary for growth. The very purpose of feedback is to gain an understanding of how others perceive what you’re doing. In this episode, Carolyn Rivera talks about how to deliver and receive feedback as she shares some rules that you need to follow. Learn more about these rules as well as some important details like how and when to deliver and respond to feedback and why realistic feedback matter.
CRS 49 | Challenges Of A Leader
  Leadership is not a walk in the park as it requires several vital skills to handle a team or even just an individual. In this episode, Carolyn Rivera teaches us how to overcome the challenges of a leader. She walks us through some important elements that we need to use as a leader, and outlines how we can develop others. Make a difference in someone’s life by taking that step towards making them better
CRS 48 | Lessons Learned From Survivor
  Survivor is, without doubt, a popular reality show that not only shows varied locations but a variety of heart-racing challenges as well. Sierra Dawn Thomas and Joe Anglim of Survivor seasons 34 and 31 respectively shares to us their experiences during and after the show. They talk about the lessons that they learned from being on Survivor, and how they helped themselves and been going forward helping other people. As they narrate the best
CRS 47 | Globetrouter
  It takes a lot of guts to step out of our comfort zone, change our lives, and explore the world. However, the call of new experiences allowing you to expand your reach and learn something new is an opportunity that will be a shame to waste. Newlyweds Tyler Trout and Gabi Rivera-Trout, Creative Director for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Project Manager for City Bank, respectively, took a big leap to become globetrouters and
CRS 46 | Self-Advocacy
  Do you know what it takes to be your own self-advocate? Asking for what you deserve is not about bragging about yourself. It is about defining your capabilities. Kate Shaw, the Administration and Training Manager of Central One Federal Credit Union, walks us through the art of self-advocacy. As she recounts her career path, she goes in-depth on the importance of speaking up and telling the management what you want and the opportunities you
CRS 45 | Communicating Effectively
  Communication is vital in our daily lives as we use it to convey our message. However, it may be hard when we all have different ways of expressing ourselves and doing things that work for us. If we want to get good at communicating, we have to make some adjustments. In this episode, Carolyn outlines the five generations that are living in the world today. Discover how these generations interact with the way they
CRS 44 | Building Confidence
  The key to success is maintaining and building confidence. However, what is confidence anyway? It’s this state of being. It’s how we feel about ourselves and our outlook on how we see things through our own eyes and through our own hearts because it links directly to our emotions. With the increasing shifts that companies are making today to stay relevant, many people lose their confidence. They feel like they don’t know what to
CRS 43 | Passion And Purpose
  Thinking about your passion and purpose is thinking about what you love doing that brings you joy and self-fulfillment. Unlocking your why can be a challenge because with so many things that befall us, people tend to get lost in search of their true identity. Today, we dive into the questions that you have to ask yourself to identify your fervor and the process to follow in finding your purpose and living your passion.

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