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Transform your life and change your destiny!  Carolyn Rivera, speaker, author, leadership expert/trainer and reality TV star, develops future leaders by teaching individuals to harness their own potential and navigate themselves to achieve their goals.  Join her each weeks as she guides her listeners toward a powerful mindset on her podcast, The Carolyn Rivera Show.  Her mantra, "Believe, Commit, Achieve," breaks down the transformational process into bite-sized chunks that are less intimidating and more attainable, bridging that fearful gap between goal-setting and goal-accomplishing and fostering the opportunity to embrace change.

Carolyn draws from her own unique and diverse experiences to bring passion and purpose to her message.  As a corporate expert in leadership and as a contestant on the CBS hit series Survivor, where she placed second after proving resilient in both mind and body during her 39 days in the Nicaraguan jungle, her ability to endure and thrive through change, no matter how uncomfortable, is a true testament to the power of our own minds, and she brilliantly uses her own journey to exemplify what we are all capable of.

Carolyn grew up in the concrete jungle of New York City, where she began her career in corporate leadership.  Years later, and after unrelenting attempts to become a contestant on Survivor, her dreams came true and she was sent to the real jungle to compete amongst younger and more survivalist-savvy opponents.  Despite the odds, Carolyn had a secret advantage.  Her ability to believe in herself, fight through challenges, form alliances and anticipate danger, catapulted her to her second-place finish.  Carolyn has proven that adversity is inevitable.  How we face it is optional.  And what we create is ours.

As a speaker, trainer, author and innovator, Carolyn connects with others on an intimate level by sharing her own struggles and bringing humor to her own set-backs.  Her message is not only timeless, but essential to anyone interested in personal growth and development.  The Carolyn Rivera Show is sure to ignite a revolution of change-oriented listeners who are motivated by her inspiring message.


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Episode Blogs

CRS 32 | Comfort Zone
  We always hear people say, “Get out of your comfort zone,” yet it is always easier said than done. Eric Sprinkle, former swift water rescue instructor for the US Air Force and the founder of Adventure Experience, convinces us otherwise. He says we need to take a step beyond the safe space we have created for ourselves and learn what we are capable of. He talks about the benefits of taking risks and challenges,
CRS 31 | Bad Bosses
  There are just people who do not know how to manage well, and sometimes, these people are not even aware of it. We are talking about the bad bosses in our lives, whether that is you or someone you have to work with. Sharing with us her story and insights is Survivor contestant, Sunday Burquest. She talks about the time she quit from an unhealthy position while giving out the telltale signs that led to
CRS 30 | New Years Resolutions
  Year 2019 has officially begun, and so are the outpouring of countless of New Year’s resolutions that people try to achieve this year. Unfortunately, just as we like creating them, we also tend to quit following them through. Before we know it, it’s the end of the year and we are back to repeating the same resolutions we never achieved. Carolyn talks about the changes we are making this year while bringing in some
CRS 29 | Powerful Women
  There is nothing better than reliving the best moments in life. In the Carolyn Rivera Show, that means bringing to light some of the great episodes that happened since. What better way to start than a recap of some of the very powerful women that have graced the show? We go back to their stories as they shared their dreams, the things that made them excel, and the obstacles that they overcame. They all
CRS 28 | Number One Show
  Taking shows from the bottom to the top is Bret Mega, number one radio host for the morning show on Hot 93.3 in Dallas, Texas. Bret spills his secret formula on bringing a show to the number one spot. He shares the journey of turning shows from being tenth or twentieth to number one in less than two years, transitioning them into being the best of the best. Highlighting a core value that is
CRS 27 | Performance Management
  A company is only as good as the people in it. This means that for managers, it is their duty to keep the employees on track. One of the great methods that could help is performance management. It is the past, present, and the future. It evaluates the people on how they performed as well as how they are doing against the goals that have been set. Taking us deeper into that from the
CRS 26 | Job Interview
  One of the biggest changes that people make is changing jobs. On one hand, it’s exciting to take on a new role or get increased responsibility and it’s fun to start in a new place. On the other hand, it’s scary leaving something where you’ve been working for quite some time and you’re comfortable; but sometimes, that choice is made for us. Changing jobs is a topic that’s pretty stressful for almost anyone. In
CRS 25 | Thanksgiving Traditions
  Everyone’s family is unique. There is nothing more that highlights our own household spirit than celebrating together, most especially Thanksgiving Day. We share stories about families on Thanksgiving – from the good, the bad, and the ugly. Joining us to share his own Thanksgiving tradition is Wayne Harvey from the TV5 News team in Maine. We get into our own different family traditions and share different recipes while embracing the spirit of gratitude that
CRS 24 | Building Relationships
  If you’re an avid fan of the television show Survivor, Sandra Diaz-Twine is no stranger to you. Sandra is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. She’s the only two-time winner in Survivor history. A lot of what the participants went through on the island is directly transferable to real life, and Sandra joins us to highlight her experiences from her point of view. She talks about building relationships
CRS 23 | Social Media
  When you think about it, social media has changed all of our lives. In today’s world, you’re judged by your number of followers. Then there’s the dilemma of having to know what to post and what not to post. Our guests, Missy Payne and Baylor Wilson, are a powerful mother and daughter team from Season 29 of Survivor. They share their intimate insights on how social media has changed their lives. They talk about

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