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Transform your life and change your destiny!  Carolyn Rivera, speaker, author, leadership expert/trainer and reality TV star, develops future leaders by teaching individuals to harness their own potential and navigate themselves to achieve their goals.  Join her each weeks as she guides her listeners toward a powerful mindset on her podcast, The Carolyn Rivera Show.  Her mantra, "Believe, Commit, Achieve," breaks down the transformational process into bite-sized chunks that are less intimidating and more attainable, bridging that fearful gap between goal-setting and goal-accomplishing and fostering the opportunity to embrace change.

Carolyn draws from her own unique and diverse experiences to bring passion and purpose to her message.  As a corporate expert in leadership and as a contestant on the CBS hit series Survivor, where she placed second after proving resilient in both mind and body during her 39 days in the Nicaraguan jungle, her ability to endure and thrive through change, no matter how uncomfortable, is a true testament to the power of our own minds, and she brilliantly uses her own journey to exemplify what we are all capable of.

Carolyn grew up in the concrete jungle of New York City, where she began her career in corporate leadership.  Years later, and after unrelenting attempts to become a contestant on Survivor, her dreams came true and she was sent to the real jungle to compete amongst younger and more survivalist-savvy opponents.  Despite the odds, Carolyn had a secret advantage.  Her ability to believe in herself, fight through challenges, form alliances and anticipate danger, catapulted her to her second-place finish.  Carolyn has proven that adversity is inevitable.  How we face it is optional.  And what we create is ours.

As a speaker, trainer, author and innovator, Carolyn connects with others on an intimate level by sharing her own struggles and bringing humor to her own set-backs.  Her message is not only timeless, but essential to anyone interested in personal growth and development.  The Carolyn Rivera Show is sure to ignite a revolution of change-oriented listeners who are motivated by her inspiring message.


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Episode Blogs

CRS 22 | Building Trust
  Building trust takes time, and that is where communication is very important. Communication builds connection, and connection fosters trust. Communication is a skill that we need in all aspects of our life because communication links to emotions. Words translate to feelings. A powerful communicator can get the message across whatever their message is, whether it’s good or bad. It can be challenging and there are so many things to consider, so many different communication
CRS 21 | Communication
  Communication seems so simple, but in all cases, there’s just never enough. Even with the amount of ways we are able to reach each other now, we have all suffered from the effects of miscommunication. As much as we like to believe we are good at it, we have to admit how we sometimes struggle with it. Why, then, is communication so hard? We tackle the different reasons that complicate the way we speak
CRS 19 | Competition
  Competition may be good or bad depending on the action being taken or the value being applied. Competition can drive progress through motivation. However, if it is manifested by bringing other people down, then it’s being totally misunderstood. Sunday Burquest and Missy Payne, both players from Survivor and advocates of the youth, join us as we deal with women competing against other women. On a side note, they both share what they learned from
CRS 18 | Your Vision
  If you’re looking to constantly improve yourself, which all of us should be looking to do, you need to have a vision. What is a vision anyway and do you even have one? These are important questions that you have to answer for yourself because nobody can answer those questions for you. In this episode, Carolyn defines vision and expands on it as what was discussed from a chapter in her book, Plant Your
CRS 17 | Building Business From Scratch
  It’s a struggle to turn ideas into reality because we tend to be scared of the process. That’s what most entrepreneurs relate to when they were still kicking off their business. Some are fortunate enough because they have capital to back up their plan. However, some just have ideas. Lauren Hampton, founder of KETURAH LLC, shares the journey she went through and the risks she took in building her shoe business from scratch. On top
CRS 16 | Leadership Styles
  Carolyn discusses leadership styles from her book, Plant Your Flag: The Seven Secrets to Winning. A leader ignites a spark within others. They inspire others and that’s why people want to follow them. There’s something about them that others either want to learn from or that they believe in what they stand for. To be successful, leaders come in all shapes and sizes. No two are exactly alike. People have different passions and those
CRS 15 | Leadership
  A lot of traits surface when one is asked what a true, effective leader is. It is safe to say that leadership is a multifaceted area of research and skill for a lot of questions to come into play. What does leadership mean? How do leaders play and win the game? Is leadership all about the position? In her book, Plant Your Flag: The Seven Secrets to Winning, Carolyn dives into the questions on
CRS 14 | True Entrepreneur
  A true entrepreneur creates value in their space and within themselves. They should be able to remove themselves from what they’ve built and that machine keeps working. One such entrepreneur is Brooke Wadsworth of Wadsworth Wellness. Brooke started her first business right out of high school. She launched her second business geared toward her passion for motorsports, building show cars, racing motorcycles, and working as a model. Her need to succeed led to her
CRS 13 | Passion And Vision
  A passion and vision with action can change the world. You need to start igniting them within you so you can learn new things and reach new heights. Carolyn talks deeply with her vision and purpose as to why The Carolyn Rivera Show and her book, Plant Your Flag: The Seven Secrets to Winning, are created. Having a vision and passion starts with you. You have to figure them out and go after them
CRS 12 | Professional Sports
  It’s not always easy to uncover what you want to be when you grow up. You always have to go through changes and try different things. That’s exactly what happened to Karina Anglada. Her mother saw something in her that she didn’t even see herself which became the turning point in her life. Karina is a media producer and editor for the Golden State Warriors. She won her first Emmy for Champions Rewind. Karina

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